Account and Financial management

One of the world's leading financial services company required a platform where approximately a huge amount of data can be processed to perform calculations, analytics and produce metrics for various regulatory reporting. The various multinational companies search for the better solution of the mainting of their accounts/finance system. They can maintain their accounts through the software in a very easy method and very quickly. The processed output data was graphically depicted by different charts/reports based in various format.
One can analysis the budget and any kind of Accounts related information. Analytics like standard deviation of outstanding balance, trend analysis of various balances, credit utilization ratio etc. was performed on a huge amount of retail data relatively much faster and in a cost effective manner through various diagramatical methods. The ability to store historical data of in a huge amount for query and analysis gives the right mix of technology in this case. The ability of report to read data directly from Spark enables users to visualize data quickly without having another semantic or data storage layer.
The data set included master data and mapping info along with monthly sales inventory and costs. Lookups and aggregation of data was done during data load. The ingestion and report processing and generation was done in a fraction of seconds. Reports for sales performance, variance between actuals and budgets, sales distribution, cost and sales comparison by category/period was generated after the data load. Report generation took very less time period. Large month-end data feeds processed can be formed. Overall solution offered has substantially improved client's price performance ratio.





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