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IntraSYS Technology, a wide software company working on almost all kind of software for our various clients at almost area of our country, is founded in 2002, situated at Pokhariput, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We are an unyielding familiar company environment having more than 100 employees across India. We are having branches in Ahmadabad, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Dehradun, Tata Nagar, Guwahati, Kolkata and the list is rising on. We believe in strong soft skills(technology) to materialize any kind of thinking. We are having many skilled and dedicated technical platform (Multi-platform) manpower to archive any challenging goals in the stipulated times. IntraSYS always shows its dedication to service to people with an instigation concept. IntraSYS always follows there concept i.e. Dedication, Determination and Innovation. Our internal employee management system follows a state-of-art method, so we commit our clients to deliver errorless, effective and less service oriented software to archive their requirements.

We promise to give a Familiar environment, secured career and life, empowering females, We are always with our employees in all situation, Never compromise in Quality and technology, Our product is highly user-friendly, technically beneficial to clients, We materialize your words, We are the best in the market because the sky is our Limit. IntraSYS means endless ,we are always give the prority to give a best service to our client.we are always welcome to our client.

Why Chose IntraSYS...?

Cost Effective

IntraSYS Software tool comes with a cost effective pricing fit for SMBs.


Access anywhere, anytime with rich BMS funtionality and easy navigation.


High customisable and scalable solution that grows as your need develop.

Fast, Flexible Diployement

Available or premaise on the cloud.


The whole world is now on the track of technology. Technology means it is a systematical analysis of your organisation and properly planed and executed. A half of century has been passed away from the real technology. IntraSYS Tecnology is dedicated not only reached at the each point of the world but also it has mission to develop many engineers towards a bright ray & light. We exit because our IntraSYS family exist. We are always in search of those diamonds who can give their lights in many dark places of the world.


Now a days a bussiness software is reducing it's meaning and limited in a very basic level i.e Only for printing of a document and some automated calculation. But our thoughts is to describe, to implement, to get profit, to elaborate, to enhance the maximum utilization of the software which results a self and independent brain is working behind of your knowledge, which is fully dedicated to improve and gradually raised of your organisation.


IntraSYS understand achievement is not a word that how much clients you have & how much employees you have. We believed in how much satisfied customer and employee you have. Satisfied customer is our certificate that how many improvements we have been done with their organisation and what changes we made. We don't believe in maximum /large volumn of clients but it always with the clients & trying to provide the maximum satisfaction. Our clients satisfaction is provide us the inspiration which justify our tag-line dedication, determination and innovation.

Simple to Use. Easy to Implement. Flexible to Customize.


IntraSYS is a service sector industry and it is more adorable and exceptable because of our strong service system. We not only focus on the development of the product improvement simultaneously, we also focus on how our services will form easy, safe and quick reachable at to the end user. We know service system is very complex to handle many clients in a stipulated time that's why we are adapting many succesfull technology, which will generate and reduced very less amount of service complain from indivisual. We have introduced video tutorial through youtube, manual documentation, supply with the application etc.

Business Analysis

We determine the business problem of our client as per their productivity or requirement for give a software solution to increase their business.


We always try to create a good and utility software which helps to our clients as well as to increase our productivity and organise their all resources.


We hava a proper Software to control the education System of a insititute, our software helps to provide a total solution to a organization.

Health Care

We give a complete Software solution to health care which is userfriendly and can understand the utility of the oranisation.

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Expand Your Mind, Change Your Life.


Our products always resulting you multiangle profit generating systems. Each and every action and execution of our product is scientifically. It looks it's advantages & disadvantages. Timely indicates to the user for it's benifits and bad effects. After that IntraSYS always focusing on speed, reliability, security, user friendly and predictive results of all products. We are happy to hear all the complains and complements from the clients, which make our product much more improvent and suitable for the other clients.


Provides a Foundation For Successful Implementation of both Strategical And Tactical Business Decisions.

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Facilitates Institute-wide Integrated Information System Covering all Functionality of an Institute.

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Never lose a Booking a Room again! It Helps to Stay Organized with every Facilities of an Hotel Management.

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Combine a Number of Necessary HR Functions to keep Track of All the Records of Each Employee.

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Account and Financial management

Methodology Maximize Profits And Ensuring Sustainability.

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Health Care

Supports Different Workflow to Provide Quick And Accurate Delivery of Information to Patients.

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ERP management

ERP Integrates All Facets of an Operation in a Single Database , Application And User Interface for Manage.

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Define how products are to be manufactured And Used to plan the ordering of materials and other resources.

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  • Dedication Determination are the path of new innovation.

    - Our Philosophy

  • Our simple, powerful tools increase productivity, while letting you focus on what matters most

    — your business..

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